France outside the box

Recent arrival or seasoned expat, everyone needs help from time to time when dealing with the administrative challenges of living in France. Cultural differences that aren’t always immediately clear as well as the language barrier can make it difficult and frustrating for an outsider to handle seemingly simple tasks here.

We can help you, whether you’d feel more comfortable having someone accompany you physically to an appointment, to help translate letters or forms, to verify you’ve understood a document request. We can do as little or as much hand-holding as you’d like.

CAF — help with family or housing benefits, child care payments

CPAM/Social Security — how to get signed up for your Carte Vitale

Health care — do you need a mutuelle/how to choose, finding health care providers and specialists.

Schools — public or private? neighborhood or charter school? How to set up services for children with special needs.

Housing — buy or rent, which neighborhood, how to do all the necessary paperwork

Préfecture — exchanging driver’s licenses, registering a car, visas/carte de séjour renewals.

And much more. Please get in touch to see how we can help make this process easier for you!